Charleston Deep Sea Fishing Charter


Head out to the DEEP BLUE!

Here I will explain what our Charleston offshore fishing charters have to offer and what they entail.

First offshore fishing to us is simply fishing saltwater out in the ocean (no land in sight), going between 5-100 miles off the coast of Charleston depending on the weather forecast. We offer two options for our deep sea charters - one is our nearshore (5-20 miles) the second is offshore (20+ miles / gulf stream). For our deep sea charters the seas do play a huge role into being able to go out to the ocean or not. Safety is our #1 priority; due to the sea forecast changing so quickly we will make that call the day before each scheduled charter.

Charleston Inshore Fishing Charter


Nearshore fishing:

Come explore the big blue for a Charleston offshore fishing charter, where we head 5-20 miles out off the coast to venture to the nearshore reefs. This charter would be bottom fishing for some pretty awesome species.

Inshore Harbor Fishing in Charleston

Offshore Fishing:

For offshore this is where we head to gulf stream 20+mile out. You'd have the option to bottom fish or troll.

Bottom fishing - depending on the season - would target: cobia, spadefish, amberjack, grouper, american red snapper, trigger fish, vermillion red snapper, black seabass, etc.

Trolling depending on the season - would target mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo, mackerel.

  • 6 HOURS
  • $1100
  • Includes 2 Guests per Party
  • Each Additional Guest is $75
    (Maximum Party Size: 6 Total Guests)
  • 5-20 Miles Out (Reef Fishing/Nearshore)
  • Trip includes all:
    licensing, bait, tackle, rods, and reels.

Additional Charters:

We also offer inshore fishing charters and harbor tours as well.

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