Capt. Ronald “Ronnie” Kinner is a licensed and certified US Coast Guard Maritime Captain, a true Charleston native, born and raised, grew up with fishing. His grandfather Charles was a professional Charleston inshore and fresh water fishing guide, whom became his motivator in learning all aspects of the fishing lifestyle, from live bait, artificial and flies. Capt. Ronnie has over 25 years of fishing experience in the Charleston waterways including fresh and salt water. Ronnie does his research and spends countless hours searching the endless waterways for new fishing spots to ensure our clients have a great day.

Ronnie’s pride and joy are his two boys; his two first mates that adore his fishing passion. Capt. Ronnie’s best trait is that he absolutely enjoys passing on his experience with his friends and family, hence his love for being on the water. The passion Ronnie puts into making sure that everyone has the best charter experience is what makes All in One Charters a great choice.


Capt. Cody Margate, is a licensed and registered USCG Maritime Captain, born with "fishing" in his blood. The fishing guru Cody has over 15 years of fishing experience, an energetic and outgoing personality, plus lots of time on numerous waterways in the Charleston area.

Captain Cody is versatile and spends lots of time chasing new waters and countless fish including inshore, nearshore and fresh water species. When Cody is not on the water he spends his time with his beautiful wife Holly and their amazing four girls. Cody has lots of passion for the fishing industry and with his positive vibes makes for a great experience on the water.


Capt. Chris, an avid fisherman started his aquatic journey with his grandmother teaching him at their cottage in northern Wisconsin. With nearly 40 years of fishing under his belt, his lifelong dream of teaching and hosting others to fish as a career became true after becoming a USCG Maritime Captain. Fishing the low country extensively for the past decade, he's been active with the SC Department of Natural Resources saltwater tagging program. Nearly 1,000 fish, mostly redfish caught on artificial baits have been tagged and released by Captain Chris in the past few years.

A collector of hobbies, Capt. Chris continually enjoys finding new interested to do when he is not fishing. Landscape and long exposure photography, aquariums, gardening, and cooking of some of his current focuses. He currently lives on Johns Island with his girlfriend Marta and their two goldendoodles, Arya and Sandor.


Capt. Brent born and raised in Charleston, SC, spent 4 years in the US Army and now just has a thrill of being out on the deep blue. He became a USCG Maritime captain to further his passion for fishing. Brent is an outdoors man and also love spending time with his meme and wife Sarah.

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